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We have relocated! Please check us out at to see updated posts!

Thank you readers for all of your support over this past year! I am overwhelmed by the number of visits the blog has received. This week marks one year since I started this blog. Here is a screenshot of how many visitors/ visits the website has received this year.

I am especially amazed by the number of visitors we have had to the visiting teaching posts. You go ladies! Look at all that great work you are all doing! Thanks again for all the amazing support! Here is a list of my top 10 sites visited.

Seriously Pinterest has been an amazing tool for sharing my content! There is no way these posts would have received so much traffic without Pinterest! The Visiting teaching post for July 2016 received 13,645 visits alone! I don’t know that many people! Without social media like Pinterest and Facebook this would not even be possible!

Thank you to my husband for his support throughout, and for proofreading all my posts, and thank you to my brother Bryson for technical support since day one. Thank you to friends and family who have shared my content, and who have shared their experiences with us here at!Thank you to all of my readers for coming back for more! Please continue to follow me at! 

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