Creaseless Hair Tie Tutorial

Have you tried using these Crease-less Hair Ties yet? They are awesome, especially in the Las Vegas Summer Heat! Today we had a high of 108 degrees Fahrenheit! Once you try these Crease-less Hair Ties, you will never wear an ordinary hair tie again.  I wear one of these bad boys in my hair or on my wrist pretty much ALL OF THE TIME!

When I am busy mopping the kitchen floor, or building blanket forts with my son, my hair goes up into a quick “Mom Bun” to keep me from over heating. When I give the kids a bath, up it goes again so my long hair doesn’t get soaked. When I’m done I pull it out and my hair is as good as it was before. There are no ridiculous creases to deal with! I also put my hair up in a Crease-less Hair Tie every night before bed, and even after being in my hair for several hours, there is no crease! These things save you so much time straightening or curling out left over creases. You can purchase them online, or at the store, but in my researching, they are usually way over priced at $1+ per Hair Tie! They are super cute, but expensive, so I thought, “I bet I could make them for way less.” I decided to try it, and was excited to be able to make my own Hair Ties averaging at $0.25 a piece. Here is a simple tutorial on how to make them on your own too.

First lets start with the supplies you will need to make these Crease-less Hair Ties.

2016-06-22 21.22.14
You will need a ruler, fabric shears, fold over elastic, and matches.  You can purchase the fold over elastic here. That’s right! You only need four supplies! No sewing or gluing!


2016-06-22 12.02.05
Cut the elastic to 9 1/2 inches long.
2016-06-22 12.02.49
Fold the elastic in half, matching up the open ends.
2016-06-22 12.03.49
Fold the elastic over your index finger, almost in half again.
2016-06-22 12.04.04
Wrap the elastic around your finger forming a “P” shape.
2016-06-22 12.06.04
Pull the end of the elastic through the loop and pull lightly.
Pull the knot gently, working it toward the open end until the knot is secure.

To View a Time Lapse Video click here.

2016-06-22 12.26.10
Use a match to seal the ends.
2016-05-29 17.45.32
And then you have a beautiful finished product.

I hope you enjoyed this Tutorial! If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below! Enjoy your new Hair Ties!

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