Beauty and the Beast

I thought Beauty and the Beast was wonderful. I don’t usually like to watch movies more than once, (I am really weird, I know) but I would pay to go see this movie again. The music was enchanting, the imagery was beautiful, and over all it was a very moving film.

There was a lot of character development, and I loved being able to see the back story of Belle and the Beast. Without spoiling anything, I will just say, their back stories made their characters more real. Disney did such a good job at bringing them to life for me. Their love story seems so genuine. They connect on a deeper level rather than a superficial “love at first sight” kind of way. Their pasts seem to give them something in which they both can relate. Belle grows to love the Beast for who he is inside despite his alarming appearance. Their story is a true love story, a true Fairy tale!

There were so many “Feel good moments” where characters sacrificed for the good of others. Belle takes her father’s place in prison so that he can be free. She later stays and helps the injured Beast when he has done nothing to deserve her care and she could have easily escaped. The Beast lets Belle go so she can help her father, even though he knows his last chance at breaking the spell would disappear just as she would. When you see a glimpse into Belle’s past, you also see her Father’s incredible love towards her. I may have cried more than once during this movie.

Belle’s Gown:

I was especially impressed by the beautiful yellow ball gown Belle wore. It managed to be more modest than the dress worn in the cartoon version of the movie. Emma’s dress had sleeves covering her shoulders whereas the cartoon version had sleeves hanging off her shoulders leaving them completely bare. Her dress was modest and gorgeous in this film. Again the imagery was absolutely beautiful.

Overall this movie was a sensation to the eyes and ears, as well as the soul. It was a movie that made me go home and think, I want to be a better person. I want to be as brave, as selfless, and as confident as Belle. The opening song goes,

“the girl is strange but special

a most peculiar mad’moiselle!”

She really is different from the other townsfolk, and I love her all the more for it. ¬†She doesn’t let their opinions change who she is inside. She is full of so much personality and goodness, and I left this movie feeling happy, energized and motivated to be a better person.